Posted on:February 23, 2017

Author:Martha Elaine Belden

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Siamese is the glam rock band of four introverts and their ostentatious alter egos you never knew you needed in your life. And believe me when I say… you need Siamese in your life. While Teddy Georgia Waggy, Nicole Marxen-Myers, Paul Alonzo and Paul Grass reside in Dallas, their alter egos exist on an astral plane of immortality where glitter is a necessity and unnerving eye contact is a way of life. These boundless characters are collectors – of both objects and experiences – exploring the notion of immortality’s effect on the human psyche and breathing their discoveries into our world through the mortal bodies that make up Siamese. The four members were brought together by fate, their shared affinity for eccentricity, and mutual relationships with Teddy. As it is wont to do in situations such as this, the timing was inadvertently ideal for each member’s induction into the band. And even the name, Siamese, came about almost fortuitously. Although it was a word merely stumbled upon in their quest for the perfect moniker, it not only fulfilled their phonetic expectations, it also impeccably captured a couple of oddities within the membership (id est, the band is made up of two Pauls and the eerily twin-like Teddy and Nicole).

Sometime in the year 2014, decade-long friends Nicole and Teddy made the decision to put together an earthbound band featuring theatrical elements, elaborate sets and costumes, and ethereal concepts. Soon after, the Pauls were recruited, and Siamese was born. The band has been compared annoyingly and ultimately unfairly to a wide array of bands (usually dependent upon their costumes and set design for each show). But the aggregate of Teddy’s frenetic yet calculated lead guitar (think Annie Clark… on acid), Nicole’s ominous synth, the girls’ unearthly vocals, Paul A’s nuanced dynamics on bass, and Paul G’s percussive virtuosity is impossible to wholly categorize. The best I’ve come up with is to say Queen and Bowie would be flattered.

On March 4, Siamese will release their first album, The Mesmerist, at the Texas Theatre where, incidentally, the band played their first venue show on July 10, 2015. Art Conspiracy (who also got its start at the Texas Theatre more than 12 years ago) is excited to present the band’s release as our inaugural Art Concert of 2017. We hope to see you there as these “immortal glitter beasts” stare unblinkingly into your soul and share their infinite knowledge and wisdom through Siamese’ inimitable artistry. Honor System, a creative genius himself, opens at 8:30.


Written By: Martha Elaine Belden
Photo By: Judd Myers

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