Art Conspiracy presents Matthew Brinston’s “Give It Time”

Posted on:October 28, 2016

Author:Art Conspiracy

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Matthew Brinston, an emerging young Dallas artist, has been turning heads and spawning buzz with his colorful palette, distinctive style and ingenious “marketing” practices (specifically, his inclination to leave pieces of his art around town – sometimes around the country – asking for nothing more in return than a social media shout-out). He’s been an “artist” for a long time, but two years ago (give or take a few months), tragedy struck fortuitously, and Brinston officially stepped into and embraced his life as an Artist, with a capital A.

In June 2015, Brinston was invited to participate in Art Con SKEWED, and a relationship was born. Since that time, Brinston has wholeheartedly joined forces with Art Conspiracy whenever an opportunity arises. And the relationship is, without question, one of mutual benefit. “Art Conspiracy has helped bring more attention to my art,” he says. “They actually care about the artists, they give back, and the people involved are good people.” As too many artists understand all too well, Brinston says that more often than not, he’s approached by groups or individuals who just want something for free and could care less about him as a person. “Art Con actually wants the artist to be involved in everything,” he says. And because of this, Brinston doesn’t even hesitate when approached by the Art Con team.

“Give It Time” – Brinston’s upcoming show at Breda in Deep Ellum – is, in part, a result of this relationship. He was looking to launch a show showcasing a gallery of his new work, and Art Conspiracy is always looking to encourage and assist its artists whenever possible. Thus, on November 5, Art Con presents Matthew Brinston’s “Give It Time” … a show inspired by Brinston’s grappling with the time “in between,” so to speak. Over the past six months or so, he’s felt stuck in what he calls a “mental block” and has been evaluating his aesthetic and contemplating new directions he might pursue. As a result, he hasn’t had a show so far in 2016. “People reach out to me to commission art or participate in live drawing/sketching events, but I’ve missed having an actual show,” he says. As he’s been preparing for the show at Breda, Brinston has learned to give himself a little grace, and that’s, in large part, how the title of the show came to be. “I’ve realized I need to give myself time,” he says. “To be inspired, to think more abstractly… ‘give it time’ relates to this process I’ve gone through to get to this point.”

One week before Brinston participates in the group’s eponymous event, Art Con 12, on November 5, Art Conspiracy presents “Give It Time” – a show by Matthew Brinston at Breda.

2920 Taylor St. 6:00 – 10:00 pm


Written By: Martha Elaine Belden

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