ArtCon(cert) Artist Profile: Kaela Sinclair

Posted on:May 7, 2015

Author:Art Conspiracy

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Written by: Christopher Hughes

“I feel like there are basically two reasons why art is important for humanity,” says Kaela Sinclair, the young songwriter from Denton, Texas. With her chestnut-colored eyes, high cheekbones, and hair dyed a manic red, she comes off like a woman on fire—strong, iconic and feminist. “First, it helps individuals deal with their own emotions. Some people want to escape—they want to dance and forget about their own problems, or dive into a book and think about someone else’s problems for once.”

Though the idea of escape is nothing new, Sinclair’s assertion that maybe we want to ponder the problems of others seems especially insightful, given the songwriter’s propensity for sad themes. Her woes become ours, which is how we like it. Compositionally, Sinclair can sometimes tend toward the unorthodox, mixing in bits of other musical genres, which come unexpected, but aren’t necessarily misplaced. Most interesting about the songwriting is Sinclair’s ability to turn jazz and classical chordings into pop songs, building little symphonies around rock drums, guitars, and of course, the piano work. Her piano, it should be noted, often takes the form of a Rhodes or Wurlitzer, both modern-sounding keyboards favored by such diverse bands as Fleetwood Mac and Grizzly Bear. In Sinclair’s hands, the instrument conjures emotions that are ethereal, but also rooted in something familiar. She does a good job of balancing accessibility with obscurity, which is what all great artists learn to do.

“The second thing art does is ask questions.” Sinclair shapes her final thought with an assuredness that implies she has considered this before. “Through art, we can see the world from different perspectives and question the status quo. Art can give people a glimpse into someone else’s life and allow them to empathize. A more empathetic society is a kinder, more progressive society.”

Check out Kaela Sinclair at the Kirk Hopper Fine Art Gallery on May 8th, presented by Art Conspiracy.

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WHEN: Friday May. 8th, 2015 |  Doors 7:00pm

WHERE: Kirk Hooper Fine Art Gallery, 3008 Commerce St, Dallas, TX, 75226


7:30 – Rachel Gollay

8:15 – Kaela Sinclair

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