ArtConvict Bail Money Week: 101

Posted on:February 22, 2016

Author:Lauren Shafer

Category:Art, ArtConvict, Community

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For several years now Art Con has been looking to the future and what that will look like. In March of 2015 we let the cat out of the bag by announcing the vision for new programming and beyond. Since then things have been rolling along thanks to the hard work of the amazing all volunteer Executive team. We cannot be more thankful for all the support we have received since the very beginning in 2005. It is because of so many that a beautiful idea has grown into quite a conspiracy.

Over the last month we had the chance to get to know some of Dallas’ artists, musicians, volunteers, small business owners, patrons and supporters better as we prepared to book them for creative crimes in our community. It is truly awesome to share space with these doers and makers. Bail Money Week is an Art Con-style way of helping to do more for all of those that have helped give back.  So whether you choose to help bail them out or pay to help us misplace the key, we thank you. We only wish we could expand our Art Convict list to fit all of those who should be charged with doing so much good.

Bail Money Week brings brought us together with a group of amazing individuals who have been charged with unique and creative crimes, and we have been given the opportunity to put them in (virtual) jail. These Art Convicts include new and long-time friends of Art Conspiracy who are contributing new and original things to our city. Every dollar raised to help bail them out (or to keep them in) will be put toward projects and events that Art Con hopes will further support and expand the now year-round efforts, including our popular Art Concert series.

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