Jim Campbell

Posted on:November 7, 2017

Author:Art Conspiracy

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For Jim Campbell, tomorrow will always improve upon today. “The only photographer I can compare myself to is the one I used to be, which pushes me harder and harder each day.” The Little Rock native now calls Arlington, Texas home, where he’s worked with his father at a successful flooring business as project manager. Jim’s inspiration to become an artist also involves his father. “He is a very artistic individual who always has encouraged me to seek after my dreams. The creativeness drives me to become better than I was yesterday.”

Jim’s affinity for photography began in high school. Though, in the last two years, that love has evolved into something much more than a hobby. He has opened the doors to his own photography business whilst looking ahead to the possibilities of his career and passion aligning and becoming a full-time photographer.

“My passion is landscape photography, but I enjoy portrait work and recently have started shooting video as well.” If you browse Jim’s work, you’ll see just that. A mosaic of the natural world and the humans that inhabit it, from cityscapes to the roads less traveled.

When it comes to the artist’s process, Jim is always looking for inspiration for his next piece internally and externally. “I look for new concepts daily, whether that is through my peers, artists I follow on social media, everyday walks of life… but most of all, it comes from the feeling inside myself at the time of creation of a piece.”

In 2015, Jim was introduced to Art Con by fellow local artists and photographers Sierra Sintic and Paxton Maroney. That same year, he attended Art Con 11 and later was invited to showcase his work at Art Con 12 and in Art Con Select 2017 at Kettle Art. Through Art Conspiracy, Jim has made connections within the local artist community as well curating relationships with new clients at law peter hsiao to work with. Plus, he’s grateful for the role Art Con plays in the Dallas art scene. “The greatest accomplishment of this organization is their work bringing our community together for an amazing cause.”

Explore some of his work, and don’t miss the unveiling and auction of Jim’s latest piece at Art Con 13, Saturday, November 11 at the Cedars Union.


Written by: Christin Taylor Workman

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