MOUNTED Wrap Up: Thank you (times nine) from Art Con

Posted on:July 16, 2013

Author:Courtney Cox

Category:Art, events, SEED, Uncategorized

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We’ve spent the last few weeks counting heads and numbers, and the short of it is MOUNTED was a huge success. We brought in over 400 attendees, sold amazing works of art, and were able to raise the funds we need to throw Art Con 9 on November 16th.

None of this could be accomplished (seriously, none of it would happen) without the work of our volunteers, the support of our sponsors, the bands, Black Swan Saloon, food trucks Nammi and Coolhaus, Art & Seek and of course this year’s beneficiary, My Possibilities.

Sixty (60) volunteers, a veritable army, came to help us out this year, and we’ve never held a smoother SEED event. From door to auction to art checkout, we cannot deliver an event without every single one of you taking a piece and making it your own.

To the artists–we knew the idea and theme behind “MOUNTED” would be interesting, but little did we know you would bring forth the crazy, the imaginative, the wondrous. Thank you to you all.

To The Days, Bethan, and Calhoun, you kept the show alive between auctions, kept us riled, and blew our amazing venue Life In Deep Ellum apart with your eclectic tunes.

And finally, to our sponsors. You bring the media, the monetary support, the food and the booze. You add the shine.

All of this came together perfectly for MOUNTED, and it’s set us on track to throw one helluvan Art Con on November 16th. See you all there, and stay tuned for more info.


Here is the full list of participating artists in MOUNTED:

Mike Arreaga

Cabe Booth

Gary Buckner

Travis Bush

Meagan Dahl

L.E. Doughtie

Dylan Dowdy

Pamela Dowdy

Angela Faz

Erica Felicella

Sarah Francis

Sergio Garza

Erik Glissmann

Corey Godfrey

John Gonzales

Kurt Griesbach

Gabbe Grodin

David Harrel

Ross High

Levi Leddy

Lisa Lindholm

Randy Lisbona

Jessie Martinez

Julie McCullough

Aralyn McGregor

Alex Mitchell

Vanessa Neil

Kevin Obregon

Caroline Oliver

Steve Rainwater

Danny Rose

Richard Ross

Edward Ruiz

Julia Schloss

Clint Scism

Brad Ford Smith

Rachel Spire

Rachel Stephens

Kris Swenson

Esteban Tijerina

Can Turkyilmaz

Hobbes Vincent