OG Garden

Posted on:May 28, 2018

Author:Art Conspiracy


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Future soul. An experimental blend of melodic R&B, hip-shaking funk and stuck-in-your-head pop. Troy Garrick, Kurtis Shaffer, Hunter Strasser, Byron Crenshaw, and Micah Ritchie are OG Garden. But only die-hard fans will know why they’re called OG Garden. Could it be after the Denton staple restaurant Oriental Garden at the edges of the UNT campus? Olive Garden? We may never know.

The band members come from across the states but have found a musical playground in Denton, TX. It all started as a jam band at jazz school. Then Troy, vocals, came into the picture, and the band’s future was sealed.

“Think Earth, Wind, & Fire in 2018. Add some synths, 808s, and auto tune every now and then.”

OG Garden’s unique sound continues to be inspired by a fusion of now and then. “We’re collective big fans of the new Alternative/R&B movement that’s happening right now.”

If they’re not playing shows, you can find them at grungy house parties in Denton. Though, the band mentions not quite finding their place in the college town’s music scene. “Honestly, we never fit in. That’s why we love our fans who are dedicated to supporting us. We’ve embraced being an outcast from the scene. We bring high energy to every show, and we’re super dedicated to making art that’s fun to listen to in the studio. That’s all we can do.” And they mean it. “Almost anything could drop on any given week this year.” The eclectic gang captures the sounds of the nostalgic and the familiar with dedication to a breakthrough genre unlike anything you’ve heard before.

Experience DFW’s future soul with OG Garden at Art Con R/EVOLUTION, Saturday June 2 at Life in Deep Ellum. Get your tickets now!


Written by: Christin Taylor Workman

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