Sarah Larson

Posted on:November 11, 2016

Author:Art Conspiracy

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Sarah Larson, born and raised in Dallas, is an intriguing young artist currently living at CentralTrak, UT Dallas’ Artists Residency and Gallery in Expo Park and working on her MFA. She is also a TA and an intern for Erin Cluley Gallery in Trinity Groves. While that’s quite a resume in and of itself, what really makes Sarah so intriguing is her fascinating relationship with her medium. “As someone who creates, I draw inspiration from the energy of my materials,” she says. “Each piece of textile has a personality and a story to tell. When you combine different personalities, you get a conversation that can lead to results that are elegant and poetic or conceptually loaded.” While she says she’s “always kept art close at heart,” it wasn’t until high school when she “found her footing with sculpting clay” that she really began to consider herself an artist. And it was in undergrad when she first connected with textiles, her current preferred medium. “Now, as an MFA candidate at UT Dallas, I’m refining my work,” she says. It was in her senior year in undergrad, through a course with John Pomara, that she fully embraced her choice and decided to take herself seriously as an artist. “It really is the people who can make or break a program,” she says. “The ability to create a space for myself to embrace that artistic part of me was vital in inspiring me to pursue an MFA and join a welcoming, dynamic community of other artists and scholars.” Sarah’s creations are also influenced by favorite artists Tess Williams and Sergej Jensen. “It’s clear that my favorite movements in art history are Minimalism and Postminimalism.” And the elegant simplicity of her work is ultimately indicative of these trends’ impact.

Sarah was introduced to Art Conspiracy by collegiate peers and executive team members, Courtney Cox, Lauren Shafer and Patti McLetchie, right before Art Con 11. “They always talked highly of it, and my partner volunteered for Art Con 11 and brought his own stories of community, energy and charity,” she says. And now, just a little more than a year later, she’s excited to participate in her first event with the organization. “I’ve always heard Art Con talked of highly, giving me comfort in knowing that I’m going to be a part of an experience I can take with me proudly,” she says. “Art Con has really made the Dallas/Fort Worth art community proud. I feel secure in knowing that I’m cutting my teeth in an art community that is at this particular caliber. Rigorous in its intent, but not too stuffy.” It’s clear the people involved with Art Con shaped  Sarah’s impression of the organization in addition to its mission and determination to see that mission realized. “Bringing artists, philanthropists, collectors, critics and the spectrum of art enthusiasts together is clearly a major accomplishment of the Art Con events. However, the welcoming arms of Art Conspiracy and the apparent ease of accomplishing this feat is really the highlight of its endeavor. Without it, the financial benefits that Art Con aspires to would be much more difficult to achieve.” You can check out some of Sarah’s work at And bid on her piece at Art Con 12, on November 12, at Cedars Union. Get your tickets now!


Written By: Martha Elaine Belden

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