The Good Taste Collective

Posted on:November 3, 2017

Author:Martha Elaine Belden

Category:Art Con 13, music

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Two DJs are better than one, right? We like to think so.

Daniel Perez and Jessica Roberts make up the Dallas DJ duo, The Good Taste Collective. Apart, they are known individually as full-time creatives outside of the music scene but had both been invited to guest DJ so many times, an official partnership made much more sense than tagging along. So together they create the vinyl duo that has been helping Dallas groove from event to event.

The name The Good Taste Collective reflects the duo’s dynamic perfectly. “We think the name speaks for itself, but we like that it references our ensemble approach and even where our preferences diverge – we feel pretty confident about its quality.”

Jessica is from Dallas, and Daniel is from California. And they agree, “If you can’t be from Texas, you should be from California and vice versa.” What sets this duo apart is what brings them together as musicians. For example, Daniel keeps the dance party going with funky, retro vibes. “His vinyl collection of funk and progressive jazz is impressive, and he has done full sets just using the original tracks of some of the most popular samples in pop and hip-hop.” Jessica leans toward female artists and pop that transcends genres and eras alike. “The sets are always groovy, and ladies aren’t all Jess plays. But Diana Ross, Mariah Carey and RuPaul usually make an appearance. She likes to rep for her girls, and she buys every Janet Jackson record she can find. The rest is a mix of 70’s era groove, 80’s pop, and hip-hop staples.”

When they’re not playing at venues like The Bomb Factory or Trees,  you’re likely to find them “Bouncing around Deep Ellum for a cocktail at Black Swan Saloon or some sliders at Easy Sliders… “and lately, we find ourselves in the Design District a bit. On a quiet weekend, you might find us digging through the crates at Josey Records, grabbing tacos in North Dallas or getting a nightcap at the Inwood Lounge.”

If you were to ask Jessica and Daniel, they’ll tell you they never trust a person with “CON” in their name to keep a secret. But we sure hope Art Con is the exception. Either way, it’s no secret that you’ll be seeing a lot more of The Good Taste Collective around Dallas. Don’t miss them at Art Con 13 on Saturday, November 11, at the Cedars Union.


Written by: Christin Taylor Workman

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