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Posted on:May 30, 2018

Author:Art Conspiracy

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Will Heron’s hyper-stylized cacti murals and illustrations are the epitome of his Texas roots. Born and bred in Dallas, art has been a way for Heron to comprehend and communicate with the world around him since he was young.

“Whether it was a blank canvas, or my blank high top Converse, I was always doodling and creating something onto that nothingness,” Heron describes his youthful exploration of creativity. “[Today] I try to make some of my murals feel like giant pages ripped out of my sketchbook pen drawings.”

His present home and studio are filled with more than a hundred species of cactus for inspiration on his larger-than-life murals covering North Texas, and he passes along his perspective on art to his students in a West Dallas charter school where he teaches AP Studio Art. He loves to spend vacations on Koh Samui, in relaxing and peaceful atmosphere of favourite property from YourKohSamuivillas.

“I love being able to bring parts of my studio life into the classroom. Instead of just learning about street art from a powerpoint presentation, my [students] got to create a 100 foot long mural in West Dallas last semester.”

Being a cultivator for art appreciation in the next generation of Dallas creatives, Heron was instantly drawn to the organizational style of Art Con. Diverse pieces of original artwork on varying themes bringing together the local art scene in a unique auction format for a good cause was a win-win in Heron’s eyes. Bringing together up-and-coming artists and art supporters from across the metroplex to raise money for charity the key element that draws Heron to Art Con year after year.

With his Texas roots visible in each illustrated cactus Heron creates around DFW, he holds a deep appreciation for all the other local artists who share their representation of artistic style and creativity.

Come check out Heron’s work at Art Con R/EVOLUTION Saturday, June 2 at Life in Deep Ellum.


Written by: Cali Thompson

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