WRECKED Artist Profile: Hobbes Vincent

Posted on:June 6, 2014

Author:Courtney Cox

Category:Art, events, SEED

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Hobbes Vincent is Dallas’ and Art Con’s resident enigma. Born in Mexico, then (as he tells it) raised by a merry band of feral pigs in Northwest Arkansas, Hobbes is an often barefoot, occasionally axe-wielding intellectual giant who weaves one hell of a tall tale. You never know whether you’re getting an accurate portrait of reality or one that’s been morphed and molded into something far more interesting. His, very much like his sculptures, is a masterfully altered reality.

He first began sculpting as a small child. “We were very poor, and my family couldn’t really afford toys. So I played around with and made my own toys out of sculpey [an oil-based sculpting clay].” He found himself further devoted to the hobby as the sculpey actually belonged first to his older brother who refused to let him play with it, admonishing Hobbes would “mess it up.” When he was 17, Hobbes was visiting an art gallery when he looked around and decided he might be able to turn his hobby into a real livelihood. Then, in 2009, Hobbes officially made sculpting his full-time career.

When asked where he draws his inspiration, he tends to just laugh. “You don’t kill the goose that laid the golden egg,” he answered… this time. Whatever the inspiration, his surreal sculptures are remarkable in their minute details that, all at once, make them incredibly lifelike and entirely fantastical. He doesn’t claim to have been influenced by any artists in particular, but he deeply respects the work, specifically his attention to detail, of longtime friend and fellow puppeteer, Ron Mueck.*

You can check out some of Hobbes’ work at hobbesvincent.com.

*The accuracy and validity of this biography should be accepted at the reader’s own discretion. – Martha Belden

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