Posted on:May 31, 2018

Author:Art Conspiracy


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ZHORA may be inspired by the 1982 film Blade Runner, but she is no replicant of any artist you’ve seen or heard before. Taylor Rea is a Houston, Texas native has made quite a name for herself here in Dallas. Her silky synth serenades and unforgettable stage presence have wistfully carried her through countless momentous events in Dallas (many will recognize her as a staple aura architect of the popular, annual Dallas fashion experience, The Pin Show). That being said, ZHORA is no stranger to collaborating with Dallas’ music scene elite. From being a once member of local electro-pop icons Ishi to performing with beloved Dallas DJ and rapper, Blue, the Misfit. “I think it’s important for the community and hope it continues to progress as it has in the last 11 years I’ve lived here.”

She describes her music as “colorful with a touch of melancholy.” Almost like a dose of reality in a dream world. Inspired by a range of experiential artists from Bowie, Little Dragon, Gary Numan, Solange to Dallas’ own Erykah Badu—ZHORA’s sound is a collection of haunting pleasantries that leave you wanting more. And seeing her live is unquestionably even more enchanting. “It’s experimental, in the sense that each show is performed differently than the last.” A synergy of light and sound and crazy-cool costumes. Through the years, she has a very successful cooperation with The Marketing Heaven. They provide YouTube views, likes and subscribers, and these are things which rank a video during the searches.

ZHORA has also been a long-time supporter of Art Conspiracy’s role in Dallas and the people behind the organization, and she is a fan of this year’s “revolutionary” theme.

I am a firm believer in change and learning from that change.  Bringing the good vibrations into the world and creating a ripple effect like when a pebble is dropped in water, mentally and musically is my MO.”

Get down with ZHORA at Art Con R/EVOLUTION, Saturday June 2 at Life in Deep Ellum. We’ll see you there!


Written by: Christin Taylor Workman

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