Our History


Art Conspiracy was formed to create awareness for the arts, and to bring artists and musicians together to “conspire” for the benefit of the local arts scene.

The 2005 Art Conspiracy event, the first of its kind, was held at the historic Texas Theater in Oak Cliff, where Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested shortly after President John F. Kennedy was shot. JFK-oriented conspiracy theories are intertwined in modern Dallas life. The name, Art Conspiracy, acknowledges this and also highlights the positive impact conspiracies can bring about.

This first “Art Con” had more than 100 artist-created works, which were sold in a raucous live auction that took place between performances from local musicians.

The proceeds of the first Art Con event totaled over $10,000 and were donated to The Paul Simon-founded Children’s Health Fun, specifically earmarked for kids displaced by Hurricane Katrina.