Luisa Camille Alejandro

Posted on:May 30, 2019

Author:Leneah Brown

Category:Artist Story

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The creative mix of passion, inspiration, and talent that makes an artist is both a unique and universal thing. Each artist’s identity is their own, and yet influenced by the world around them. All of this is true for Luisa Camille Alejandro, with an extra dose of determination driving her dreams to explore, create, and spend her days doing the things she loves: making art.  

Born in the Philippines and raised in Arlington, Texas, the artistic inclinations started with graffiti and script-lettering in 7th grade for Alejandro. By high school she started painting and branching beyond her initial styles, opening her mind to the many different forms art could take – and where it could take her. Seeing how downtrodden passionless day jobs made her friends and family, Alejandro committed herself to following the creativity she loved.       

“What influenced me the most to become an artist is my strong belief that nobody should go to a job that they hate,” she explains.

Today Alejandro follows that conviction as freelance mural artist and working as an assistant for a commercial artist, and she continues to grow her creative directions and dreams.

While every artist can cite a hundred other artists’ names that inspire them, Alejandro notes other key characteristics she admires in three of her major influencers: mural artist Kiptoe for traveling the world to paint his work, hand-lettering artist Lauren Hom who shares keen business advice for other creative entrepreneurs, and an artist duo known as PichiAvo whose blend of styles is found both on the streets and in galleries across the globe.

All of these influences can be found in one form or another in Alejandro’s creative process at home in Arlington. Taking inspiration in new places, whether at a cafe, library, traveling, or even sitting outside on her own balcony for a view of the clouds outside, all sparks her work and bring her work to new places. These new environments help push her creativity, and new connections like those in Art Conspiracy help her grow as an artist in every sense of the word.  

 ArtCon: Identity will be Alejandro’s first time participating with the Dallas nonprofit, but hearing praise from a friend about the organization’s mission and events convinced her that it was an opportunity worth taking, especially to further her own artistic path.    

“I think the most important thing ArtCon accomplishes for Dallas is simply showing the community the talent that lies within the metroplex and provide a platform for artists to show their work,” Alejandro explains excitedly with anticipation.

Grateful to build relationships with others in the local arts scene, she looks forward to the collaborative experience. ArtCon offers so many benefits for all those who partake in the mission: philanthropy for nonprofits, a blend of local cultures, adrenaline at the auctions, creative outlets and experiences, and for so many artists the exposure to new eyes, new venues, and new friends that boost their dreams to the next level. For Alejandro, any opportunity to make art keeps her on her path to spend her days doing something she enjoys and loves.

Come see Luisa Camille Alejandro’s ArtCon debut June 1 and support all the inspiring artists, musicians, and innovators that make the Dallas arts community thrive.

Be sure to follow her on Instagram, and visit her Website.

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Written by: Cali Thompson

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