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Posted on:November 9, 2018

Author:Art Conspiracy


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Over the years, graphic designer and entrepreneur Megan Smith has known Art Conspiracy from several different angles: attendee, artist, and volunteer. For Art Con 14, she’s excited to participate again as one of the selected artists, but also in a new capacity through event design helping transform the immersive space the auction and musical acts will take place in on November 10. Taking volunteering to a new level with Art Con was an easy decision for Smith who has always admired the value Art Conspiracy brings to the community.

“Art Con has brought something very unique to Dallas: a place where amateur artists can share the stage with professional artists,” Smith explains. “Art Con provides an avenue for people with an interest and passion for art to connect and build partnerships and collaborations that extend beyond this one event.”

Her experiences with Art Con kicked off in 2012 by putting her name in the artist lottery, although she was not selected that first time. Despite not getting picked as an artist, Smith signed on as a volunteer hoping to get a behind-the-scenes look at this one-of-a-kind arts event that intrigued her from concept to execution. Awestruck by the range of artistic subjects and styles, Smith was even more captivated by the animated auctioneers energizing the crowd.

“Piece after piece, we watched in fascination – hoping that we might have a chance,” Smith recalls. “It’s exciting to own an original piece of art. Winning your first piece could start a lifelong collection and support of local artists.”

That first event made Smith not only a patron of the Dallas art scene but an ongoing avid conspirator with Art Con. Contributing paintings and illustrations as an artist for numerous Art Con events and volunteering her time, Smith enjoys finding new ways to be an advocate for the creative community all over Dallas. When the invitation arrived to help with Art Con 14’s event design, she was eager help. Collaborating with Art Conspiracy’s Creative Director Martha Elaine Belden, Smith is excited to share the final experience (one that will be “colorful, big, and bursting with joy,” she hints) with attendees, artists, auctioneers, and volunteers.

“Working with the Art Con team [for event design] has been a great experience,” Smith explains. “There’s a lot of people stepping up to lend their time and talents to this mission – it’s truly a labor of love.”

As her business ventures and nonprofit projects continue to grow, Smith looks forward to continually pursuing creative connections and volunteer opportunities in the local arts scene and forging Dallas’ reputation as a truly creative city.

Come check out Megan’s event installation and bid on her art piece at Art Con 14 this Saturday, November 10. And be sure to follow her on Instagram, and if you need any balloon work, visit her website.

Written by: Cali Thompson

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  • Nancy Purdy
    Posted on November 15, 2018 at 2:31 pm

    She did an excellent job with her balloon designs. The space was vibrant and fun.


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