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Posted on:June 1, 2019

Author:Leneah Brown


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Rat Rios’ music is like a gorgeous dream that simply came into existence without a beginning or ending. Her indie-electronica vibes create a synth-heavy fog that’s soaked with soft, glowing colors for a soothing experience that’s neither sleepy nor slow.

Rat Rios, born Sammy Rios, is a one-woman show and the kind of musician female artists aspire to be — she writes her own music, plays multiple instruments, has an impeccable wardrobe that’s all her own and a magnetizing stage presence thanks to her theatrical roots. Rios is also an actress, so she’s no stranger to the stage. We got to know the polarizing performer through a recent online interview to see how she creates such wonderful music and why she’s a part of Art Con.

Art Con: How would you pitch your music if you were selling it to someone?

Rat Rios: Someone once described my music as falling somewhere in between 1985 and the fourth dimension, a badge I proudly wear. My music is heavily electronic with layers upon layers of harmonies and soaring synth chords. Think Kate Bush with Depeche Mode.

Art Con: Were you born in Dallas? If not, where is your hometown?

Rat Rios: I am from Olympia, WA but spent a considerable amount of my primitive years in Kentucky before moving to Texas. The constant moving around as a child has made me highly perceptive to my environments and how they inspire my art.  

Art Con: You’re also an actress. Which came first and how do they influence one another?

Rat Rios: Music technically came first through piano and cello. I didn’t discover acting until high school, which eventually led to my major in college. 

From a performance aspect, live music is theatre. Well, it should be. Music is just another powerful tool for storytelling; if I ever find myself struggling to convey a moment of humanity through the words of a script or play, music is almost always the antidote.  

Art Con: Have you ever attended an Art Conspiracy event?

Rat Rios: Yes, many!

Art Con: Why did you want to get involved with Art Con?

Rat Rios: I sincerely love the people at Art Con. Their experiences are always multifaceted and they treat artists of all mediums with such kindness and respect. 

I’ve weaseled my way into several of their shows by playing with Honor System, but this is my first time doing my solo act with Art Con and I am quite excited. 

Art Con: Are there any work/artists you’re excited about seeing at Art Con: Identity?

Rat Rios: The two artists I identified immediately were Richard Ross and Paxton Maroney, but I’m thrilled to see all of the artists’ works!

See the magic of Rat Rios at this year’s Art Con: Identity. The show starts today at 7:00 p.m. Tickets are $10 before the show, and $15 at the door.

You can learn more about Rat Rios by visiting their Instagram or Facebook pages.

Written by: Brenna Rushing

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